Butterfly Wings
by Sharon Woosley

About us

Sharon Woosley was born in Vancouver, Washington and spent most of her adult life in and around the Vancouver and Battle Ground areas. She and her husband, Terry, have been married since 1975 and have two adult children. They currently live in Kalama, Washington, and she was a licensed Realtor from July 2006, to October 2014.  This is her first attempt at writing, but she hopes to expand her works in the not too distant future.


*** Honorable Mention in the 2013 "Animals, Animals, Animals Book Festival", a competition honoring all creatures great and small.  
*** Honorable Mention in the 2014 Southern California Book Festival held during November, in Los Angeles

From the Author:

This story seemed to fit together so perfectly, that I knew someone much bigger than myself had orchestrated it. So, I began writing it down, so as not to forget all the details. I merely started at the beginning, and recounted it as I remembered it happening. When I reached the end, I had a book, short tho' it is. The book is truly written from the heart. Parts of it were hard to write, but I wanted it to be accurate. And to let the reader experience the events just as I had. Many people have found solace in learning that they are not alone in grieving deeply for their lost pets. I hope you find some peace among it's pages, too.

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