Butterfly Wings
by Sharon Woosley

Dedicated to all who
love their animal friends.

Butterfly Wings is not like other animal stories. It is the true story of Baxter, an adorable Papillon puppy adopted by two empty nesters who decide to indulge their own canine desires after years of raising their children and their children's pets. The owners delight in their new puppy love, and he becomes a big part of their everyday life. But Baxter only lives a short time and meets with a sudden, tragic death. The owners are devastated. You will cry with them as they deal with their deep and sudden pain, and consider the future.  They will recover and try again.  And, just maybe, they'll manage to re-kindle their love for each other along the way.

Butterfly Wings is enjoyed by animal lovers of all ages, and is especially popular with young readers aged 10 to 17.  If you have ever loved, and lost, a furry friend, you will enjoy this full circle journey from joy, to loss, and back to joy again.

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